We’re not in TEFL any more, Toto.

If you’re anything like me, you get a lot out of putting your ideas and thoughts into writing. It allows you to process what’s going round your head and writing it down means you are forced to make it into a fully-formed thought. In doing this, you create something solid. You can go away and it will still be there when you come back. You can do things with it: build on top of it, use it as a support, give it to someone else. You can even still chip away at it, and it won’t amorphously slip away out of your hands.

My aim in starting this new blog is make solid my thoughts on teaching, to record lesson plans that I felt went well, and to try to clarify for myself what I have learnt about the many aspects of being the head of an EAL department at an independent school over the last two years.

Whilst there are many overlaps, the needs of EAL students differ in many respects from those of EFL students.  I have often drawn on ideas I came across whilst teaching EAP, for example.  In the interests of being neat and tidy, I decided to start a new blog rather than write about EAL in my mostly EFL blog Hive Of Activities.

If you, like me, have moved from EFL to this type of EAL (or if you’re thinking about it), you might be interested in reading. Get in touch! As far as I can tell, there’s less of an online community for EAL (or at least this type of EAL) than there is with EFL.  Or maybe everyone’s on Twitter…

As  part of my role, I teach IGCSE E2L (CIE) and IELTS, so I will be posting teaching ideas here.

Thanks for reading!



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