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Gallery grammar goals for IELTS

My IELTS students are definitely getting to grips with the writing tasks for IELTS, but Grammatical Resource and Accuracy is one criterion they often score low in. The marking codes I use most often with this group are s-v (subject-verb agreement), T (tense), p (punctuation) and s. or pl. (singular or plural). The reasons for […]

We’re not in TEFL any more, Toto.

If you’re anything like me, you get a lot out of putting your ideas and thoughts into writing. It allows you to process what’s going round your head and writing it down means you are forced to make it into a fully-formed thought. In doing this, you create something solid. You can go away and […]

Summarising skills break-down

Slowing it down to break it down: how my IGCSE class improved their summarising skills. My Y11 IGCSE* group recently did their mock exams. They did pretty well in all the tasks except one. All bar one had completely forgotten how to write a summary. One had not even attempted it, one had written¬†a letter, […]